Friday, October 22, 2010

Using Chapter 6 for My Blog

When I started reading chapter 6 in our textbook, I saw that this chapter dealt with the measures that were used back in the early days up until now.  Some of those measures included: report cards, written examinations, oral examinations, and many others.  When I started reading about the recitations part of the chapter, it brought back a memory of when I was in grade school.
This memory that I had triggered by the "Recitation" section brought me back to 3rd grade when I was in class and the teacher told the class that everyone would have to get up and recite the lesson.  Now the lesson had to do with science facts, which when I look back should have seemed easy to remember, but as a 3rd grader, the last thing I wanted to do was get up and say a bunch of facts from memory.  This "recitation" from everyone in the class was supposed to show the teacher who was actually doing their work and paying attention and who wasn't.  When it was my turn to get up, I immediately froze and coudl not remember any of the science facts we had been learning about.  So the teacher made me sit down and she sent me home with a note saying that I was not paying attention in class.  I was so mad when I read it, but I still had to give it to my mom because the teacher required the note to be signed by a parent to make sure I had given it to her.
When I got home, I explained to my mom and dad that I was scared and I did not want to get up in front of the class and say a bunch of stuff about science.  Luckily they understood and they did not punish me like I thought they would.  They just told me that the next time I had to do somehting like that, I should ask the teacher to maybe give me some time before I had to get up and recite.
This experience of recitation was not one of my best performances in class, to put it subtly. I knew that I never wanted to have to get up again, but as time went on I was not as nervous anymore because I knew that I would not be the only one that had to get up....everyone did and that is what made me less worried about it all.

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