Wednesday, November 10, 2010

service for 11/9/2010

This past Tuesday I finally returned to my service site after two weeks of not going because of my son being sick and elections being held at the school last week. I really do enjoy going to my site. This week I helped the girls color in a turkey for Thanksgiving. The feathers of the turkey were to be colored in an ABB pattern because that is what the girls were practicing on for the week. They were also on the letter D of the alphabet. The girls have really made a lot of progress with their alphabet. Patterns are exactly where the girls should be according to the curriculumm of the school. The girls also represent Notre Dame College as future college prospects. Every class of girls represents a different all girls college and hopefully by informing the girls of colleges they can attend, they will be enthusiastic about finding out more info about the colleges. I have really enjoyed my time here at my service site and it will come to an end in two weeks, unfortunately. I will really miss the girls but if everything goes according to plan with my schedule for next semester I might be able to return to my service site.

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